Thanksgiving Family Tradition Ideas

Unlike most holidays, Thanksgiving just is what it says it is, a special time to give thanks. Thanksgiving is when most families celebrate using traditions passed down from generation to generation. Here are just a few traditional ideas to add to or start with your family this season.

Remembering those who have passed is a great family tradition, especially with children in the family. I can recall watching the women in my family cook all morning long and my grandmother, filled with such happiness to have everyone together, would talk about memories of deceased family members and people in her life that she was thankful for.

It was warm meaningful conversation that we all shared. Each person sharing their own stories while preparing the meal somehow made dinner even taste better. Many Thanksgiving mornings passed by with a few tears shed and laughter over forgotten bloopers. Now, years after my grandmother too has passed on, it is still a tradition and we enjoy remembering her as well.

The family scrapbook ...
If your family doesn't have a family scrapbook, make one together. Tell each family member to bring pictures and items to add every Thanksgiving. Keep the scrap book in a box with scrapbook supplies to unpack each year and find new uses for. A family scrapbook is so much fun and is something that everyone can be proud of and pass down to the next generation.

Games ...
Games are a wonderful way to spend family time together, especially when children are near. Age appropriate is always the key. Younger children may appreciate pin the feather on the turkey or playing hide and seek with a Thanksgiving stuffed cuddly turkey. Some families even celebrate using pinatas filled with goodies for the little ones. I can recall playing Thanksgiving history trivia with my family. My grandfather would give me quarter for each correct answer!

Traditions are not complicated things that require tons of planning, they are simple things enjoyed by each family member. Most people live in traditional ways and don't realize it. Maybe reading to their children each night before bed, painting Easter eggs together, sharing a milkshake on hot summer nights, watching scary movies on Hallow's Eve or simply eating pizza every Saturday night. No matter the event, there's always a tradition that adds that extra benefit of enjoyment to the mix.

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